Schrader Academy

About Us

We believe that professional education and training are crucial to the development of any business. With this spirit, in 2016 Schrader launched Schrader Academy brand, which represents our commitment to customer education. As the world leader in TPMS, we take responsibility to provide our training participants with comprehensive knowledge on any TPMS related topic including recent and upcoming developments.
Currently, Schrader Academy offers 3 different training programs that are fully tailored to customer’s TPMS needs:
  • TPMS e-Training Course – A free online training that covers all basic topics around TPMS,     including the European legislation
  • TPMS Training for Experts – A hands-on training consisting of theoretical and practical modules led by one of Schrader’s TIA-certified Trainers
  • TPMS Workshop Training – offering 2-hour hands-on training sessions on one of the following topics: TPMS Tech Workshop (including Motorcycle); Heavy-Duty TPMS Workshop and TPMS Sales Workshop.
Schrader Academy trainings offers combine years of experience, research, and development of cutting edge TPMS technology that Schrader has delivered for more than 20 years.